Monday, June 23, 2014

More Photos from the Showcase




Recap from Saturday

Saturday was the final day of EurekaFest 2014. The day began with the Duck 'N' Hover design challenge sponsored by Duck Tape brand following shortly after breakfast. Students were split up into separate teams of about seven people and asked to design structures that, when blown by a fan, could lift a payload of rubber duckies into the air. Students were given three hours to design, build, and test their devices with random materials including PVC piping, trash bags, wire hangers, and randomly chosen mystery items.
At the end of the three hours, the teams were given a short break for lunch and then bussed to the Boston Museum of Science where the teams competed against each other with their final products. Prizes were awarded for success, most creative use of duct tape, and biggest failure. All in all, each team put in great effort and worked well together, all the while learning solve problems in a shorter amount of time than they may be used to.
The students were given time to tour the museum and then went back to McDermott court for a barbecue-style dinner. The evening gave way to the closing of EurekaFest with a carnival in the courtyard. There were carnival games, an East Coast Gaming truck, frisbee, cotton candy, and more. This night of socializing between InvenTeams was a nice way to bring a fantastic weekend to a close.

We're Home!

Last night concluded our amazing stay in Massachusetts. The team packed up and by 7AM Sunday was on its way to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution across the straight from Martha's Vineyard in Cape Cod. We arrived at the Challenger House, toured a model of the original ALVIN submersible, and walked through the remaining buildings of WHOI, all the while being led by mentor Mr. Paul Fucile. At noon the team walked a mile-long bike path along the shore to Mr. Fucile's office in Woods Hole and had a lovely barbecue after touring his facility. There will be photos from Sunday to come soon.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Show(case) Time!

In just ten minutes the showcase will begin! All teams have a chance to show off their displays and tell visitors about their inventions. Displays include slideshows, invention models, financials, and more. We'll be here for the next three hours, so check back for more of the showcase!

Opening Dinner

Last night we had our opening dinner at EurekaFest! Along with great food, it featured each of the collegiate prize winners, all of whom were set to present their inventions and answer questions from the students. As the meal concluded, the communications team and some friends from School of Dreams Academy of New Mexico started a beach ball fight, which soon became a half hour long activity between all the teams. Give them some inflated plastic balls and a tent full of the nation's best and brightest students turn into regular teenagers. 
Check back soon for more updates from EurekaFest!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

12 hours to go!

In just 12 hours we will be well on our way to Cambridge! Over the course of the weekend we will be doing our best to keep you, the viewer, posted on all the latest happenings at EurekaFest. Check back over the next three days to see what we're up to!

Goodnight, and wish us a safe trip!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We would also like to congratulate freshman tech team member Sebastien Aparicio on his completion of his Eagle Scout project. Shortly after our team made our pitch to the board, Sebastien gave a short presentation on the final product of his project. It's good to see that our team members are well-rounded.

School Board Meeting a Success

Last night we did our first official run-through of our presentation at Wallenpaupack's school board meeting. Each of the six student presenters did a phenomenal job and really made an impression on the members of the board. Mr. John Spall, school board president, expressed his approval by presenting the InvenTeam with a proclamation from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

Two more days!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost There!!

It's hard to believe we have been working up to EurekaFest for just over a year now. This Thursday's the day! Woohoo! One year ago this month we gathered together as a rag-tag group of Gifted students, and today, we're a team of individuals who accomplished something great together.
At this point, we are all set to present our invention at EurekaFest. This coming Monday, we're set to give our presentation to Wallenpaupack's school board, and then on Thursday we pack up and head up to Cambridge. To the other 14 teams from across the nation, we are overjoyed to finally meet you, and we bid you a safe trip as we all converge upon MIT this week.

Also, congratulations to our one and only senior team member, Adam Haig, on graduating Wallenpaupack Area High School last night!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Testing

Over the weekend, select members of the team stopped in at Lighthouse Harbor Marina to check the status of the readings on the oscilloscope. All is looking good!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Countdown to EurekaFest!

We're just over two weeks away from the main event! Leading up to our departure, we'll be finalizing our presentation, working on some finishing touches on the models, and ironing out the details of the following weeks. We have a busy few weeks ahead of us. Our school year is coming to a close next friday, so on top of our team's work, individually we all have finals and SATs to worry about. The Monday after the last day of school we are giving our school board a sneak peak of our presentation. Wish us luck!