Monday, December 16, 2013


We are making excellent progress fulfilling several of our goals. We have a wave tank constructed that will soon be fully functioning (see images below). Once that is complete we will begin creating the smaller-scale generator model. In addition, we have active accounts on Twitter, and Facebook. Along the lines of making a model generator to light an LED, our tech team is currently working on charging a battery by passing a super-magnet through a copper coil.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

News Eagle Article!

We are continuing to get press coverage as we work on our invention! Our local newpaper interviewed us the night that Leigh visited us, and a very nicely written article was released recently. You can find it online here!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mayor Hawk

Hello again everyone! We have recently received a phone call from the mayor of our town, Kevin Hawk. He called to tell us that he received something in the mail telling him about what our InvenTeam was doing! He called our advisor and he wanted to know more aboutour invention process. We are currently in the process of getting an email back to him to tell him all about the Lemelson MIT program, and what we hope to accomplish with the grant we have been awarded. He plans on formally recognizing us at a community Earth Day presentation. We're very excited and honored for this opportunity!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Goals

We have set goals to achieve throughout the invention progress. Some of them have already been accomplished. Despite some happy failures (such as a filament in one of the components melting and smoking), we were able to reach a major milestone of converting AC electricity to DC electricity! We were also able to generate some electricity with the magnet and coils. We continue to make strides forward every time we meet.

Some future goals we plan on achieving before the holiday break are:

1) Make a working wave tank with smaller-scale generator model to test our invention during the spring and winter months while the lake is frozen.
2) Make a model generator to light an LED.
3) Create a team website.
4) Create a Twitter, a Facebook, and continue to make updates on our blog.

Monday, November 18, 2013

First Update!

Tuesday, October 15th


  • Scanned, sorted, and then uploaded all forms.
  • Completed team roster.

Tuesday, November 5th


  • Began researching products that could be used in the building of our generator.
  • Made sure that the battery and LEDs were working properly.


  • Updated Google Plus calendar.


  • Began planning school tour.

Monday, November 11th

  • Discussed how the coil was to be wrapped.

Tuesday, November 12th


  • Went to Home Depot and purchased the materials still needed at this point in production that were not already ordered online.

Monday, November 18th


  • Took multiple gauges of wire and coiled them in the same distance around the tube to see which ones produce the most electricity.
  • Used PVC pipe of  ½ and ¼ inch sizes as a barrier for the coils .
  • Constructed circuit that will power the battery and tested it to see if it works properly.


  • Scanned receipts and saved them in the designated folder.
  • Updated financial info spreadsheet.


  • Finished planning the school tour.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just The Beginning

June is when this journey began. We met near the end of the school day to discuss an amazing opportunity that had come our way. If we were up to it, we would begin meeting monthly over the summer. Thanks to a great teamwork and motivation, we came up with a remarkable idea and finished the application. Now, months later, we're here in November. Lucky enough to have made it this far in the process, we are now working to perfect our lake wave powered generator.